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revo-4I have to say this is one, the REVO 4, is one of my favorite lights. It is part of the Revo family. It's patterns are more varied and complex. I never get tired of watching this on ceilings, floors or walls. This light is for any party..

See the revo 4 in action by clicking here.

You might want to use this in conjunction with it's younger brother, the REVO 1

galaxian3d -292e0004c76afe5f33e9c38d73ca7bacAmerican DJ Galaxian 3D Laser

The Galaxian is in the family of laser lights on the market today. What is unique about the Galaxian is it's 3D effect with the lasers. They seem to hover in space as they shoot across the room. The effect is more intensified by a fog machine. It is breathtaking.

See the Galaxian in action by clicking here.

American DJ S-100A Strobe LightAmerican DJ Strobe Light. The S-100A is a variable speed, medium output 45 watt strobe light. What can I say about Strobes. I first saw them during the Disco Era and what an effect it was as it almost made everything stop in its tracks. It was later used during the techno craze ans still play plays a part in creating a great mood on the dance floor.



Ness Fog Machine

  • Heavy duty, Output of 8,000 cubic feet
  • Outboard fog switc,  10' cable with controller
  • One-quart removable fluid tank,  fluid extra

A machine much maligined because it may set off fire alarms at certain venues, but it one of the best special effects in a DJ's arsenal. As a stand alone it gives that misty look of dancing in clouds but when you pair it with other lights it makes the lights spectacular. It breaks up the lights into light rays and with the laser light of the Galaxian 3D, it is just fantastic.  One more thing the fogger with the Disco Ball and two pinspots for the first dance at a wedding is something that needs to be video taped to be kept for you and your bride to look back on your wedding night. A fogger is like seasoning on food.



Chauvet Mini Line LightChauvet Mini-Line Dancer has 48 colored lenses that crisscross over a wide area that is sound activated. 300 watts of lighting.


Instead of the moonflower patterns the Line Dancer puts out straight lines of colors revolving around the room and works well with other lights together. It is an oldie but goodie. I still love it. Can be used in conjunction with other lights.


Lighting Pack4-Channel Light Chase Controller used in conjunction with the floodlights causing them to blink to the sound of the music by the build- in microphone and speed knob. Has a remote foot pedal with 25ft of wire.

This is included with the tripod and 4 floodlights

Lighting Bar8 Switch Power Center by American DJ which is used to plug all your lighting into and this way you can control the turning off/on of each light at one central location. Takes up to 8 lights.

This is used with a number of lights that you might rent. This allows you to control all your lights at one central place.Check on infprmation on power draw for receptacle outlet.

Pin SpotPin Spots par 36 cans gives off a tight 50 watt focus beam used in conjunction with the Disco Ball to give the hundreds of tiny lights rotating around the room. Lens covers in different colors available. Use 1 or 2 with Disco Ball. This  light can be used as a stand alone to light up a specific area with a narrow beam as opposed to a floodlight which has a much more wide area of llighting.

Should be rented in conjunction to the Disco Ball or it can be used to spot  light your wedding cake, in that case it would need a stand to mount it above the cake and shine down.

12 Disco Ball, Pinspot & Motor12" Disco Ball by American DJ with motor.


What can be said of the Disco Ball. In some circles it is passé and not hip to the “tragically hip set” but nothing but nothing can turn a room in to a different place by just having the pinspots hit the Disco Ball as it turns so slowly. You feel you have been taken away to a classy ballroom high atop a swanky hotel in New York City.

This can be rented singular provided you can hang it from a secure point at you venue. If not, you will have to have a tripod  in order to mount it. You can have it static hang or have it mounted to a motor(available) to have spots revolve arounfd the room.


Revo 1REVO 1 by American DJ. This is a Moonflower effect in 49 LED lights in red, green, blue and white. The area is wide dispersion and is equal to a 250w halogen bulb, but has very low power consumption and is sound activated(goes to the beat of the music). This is the first Revo in the line of Revo products. I llike to use it for smaller parties because it does not overwhelm and I use it in conjunction with other lights for larger parties.

You can see the light in action at this address by clicking here.


Flood Lighting TreeFlood Lighting Tree consist of 4 par 38 cans By American DJ with 150 watts of light per par can, each a different color mounted on a 12Ft telescoping lighting stand with a 4-Channellight chase controller(see Line 6) which the lights plug into and a foot switch runs down to the floor which turns all the lights on/off. The lights blink off/on to the beat of the music. The lighting is rented as a complete unit which includes the 4 floods, 12' lighting stand and the controller(foot remote is optional).

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