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What You Need To Know About Hiring A Disc Jockey For Your Event.

The Mobile Disc Jockey Profession has been under going many changes the past several years. What does this mean for you, the client? You will be hiring a more professional Mobile DJ.  A more polished professional who does more than just play music.

What should I expect from a Professional DJ?

  1. Professional equipment- large library of songs
  2. Contract and detail questionnaire. This prevents and eliminates problems and protects both parties.
  3. Personal conferences with each client and keeping in touch until the event.
  4. Contacting each vendor and working with them to make the reception run smooth.
  5. Not only appropriate dress for the occasion but acting in a professional manner and running your function smoothly. This also means NO DRINKING before or during the event. We also have a NO SMOKING POLICY
  6. Upgrading skills by attending professional conferences, training sessions and educational seminars on Djing, MCing and entertainment. I am a past member of the AMERICAN DISC JOCKEY ASSOCIATION.
  7. Reading the audience and playing the music that keeps people engaged on the dance floor.
  8. PEACE OF MIND---knowing one less thing you don't have to worry about once you hire Disc Jockey Services.
  9. Does the DJ company offer additional services such as lighting, additional equipment, voice overs and the costs for these service.
  10. Does the DJ have back-up equipment in case anything happens.

What makes up the cost of a party or event?

When your quoted a price for your event a number of things go into it, obviously the amount of time the event is to take place (e.g. 4 hour event), but that is not all that price includes:

  1. Set-up and breakdown time-(minimum of an 1 1/2 hours, more in others-Difficulty in getting to event or getting equipment in the building
  2. Drive time-some events can be farther away than others. If an event is over an hour and half of drive time and it is late at night, there will be an extra charge for a one-night stay at a motel, which will be included in the price.
  3. Upgrading of music and meeting the special request of clients.
  4. Special attire-tuxedoes for formal events-special costumes, additional equipment, lighting, props and prizes.
  5. Extra duties-Mc duties-making announcements. Providing services for wedding ceremonies besides the reception and running contest and games for special events.
  6. Unusual request of the customer, which can include almost anything.
  7. Unless a professional party organizer has been hired to run the event, we provide that service.  We keep track of times and talk to all vendors in the reception (caterer, photographer, hotel staff, videographer).

DJ's come in all price ranges.  Disc Jockey Services came to their pricing structure by determining the level of professionalism it wants to achieve and the type of services it wants to provide.  I hope this helps in understanding what

Why don't you have prices or packages on your website for perspective customers?

When I started out, I did but as my prices increased I began customizing events. Just like the cable TV industry, you have to take theses horrible stations you never watch to get a couple of stations you like and to add insult to injury you have got to pay for those junkie stations. I personally don't llike to pay for things I don't want to get something I do want. It shoots the whole package concept. Pick what you want and pay for that.

Can we see you perform before we hire you?

When I do a public event absolutely in the immortal words of Bob Barker, "Come On Down!" but for private events such as a wedding I can't. Just think a minute , how would you like a group of strangers showing up at your wedding and standing around watching. AWKWARD!  This is what the initial meeting is for so you can get to know us and see what services we offer and get to see the personality of the Disc Jockey.

How do you cater to the “older” guests?

My goal is for EVERYONE to have a great time. There is no point in playing one style of music all night long. I will mix it up and play something for all of your guests to enjoy. Another really nice thing to do if you do have older family members attending  is to find a special song (maybe a first dance from their wedding day) to play and dedicate to them. Your wedding is a celebration of your relationship -- one that likely involves music -- but it's also a gift to share with family and friends. Keep them in mind when developing your playlist. Throw your parents a thank you with Frank Sinatra, Temptations, Beatles or Huey Lewis and The News here and there. Seeing them enjoy the night will be well worth a little Bobby Darin and if you are fortunate enough to have your grandparents there, I carry music for them, too. That's why I love weddings.

Can we meet with you?

The answer is yes. It is part of the whole process we go through as professional DJS. Not only with the bride and groom but if the parents are paying for the DJ, they are more than welcome to sit in on the meeting. I leave this up to the bride and groom and parents to decide. 

What about the DJ doing the music for our ceremony?

Disc Jockey Services can provide music and microphones for ceremonies. We have both wireless and wired with to off the best names in the business Shure and Sennhisher. If you are having someone sing or a small ensemble playing and need a microphone we can supply those items.  Just tlak to us about it so we know what you need and what the cost will be.

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