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Thursday, 03 March 2011 00:00

What To Expect From Your Disc Jockey

What you expect when you hire a professional Disc Jockey for your wedding reception.

  1. A professional will have a contract, not just to protect himself but for your protection. When it’s written down there’s no doubt what was said and that leads into the next important part….
  2. The wedding questionnaire. It is so important. It is the script of the flow of the reception.
  3.  Keeping in touch with the bride both by personal meetings, phone and e-mail. Since wedding plans change over time, contact is important as changes to the wedding questionnaire happen all the time. A wedding is fluid and a professional knows that.
  4.  A professional will arrive in plenty of time to set-up, talk to other vendors, make sure everything is working properly and ready to go when the guests start to arrive. They are dressed appropriately as requested and have the songs requested by the bride for their special dances.
  5. Has your DJ attended any conferences or meet with other DJs to polish his skills and keep abreast of the new trends being done at events that they can suggest making your event more memorable? Does the DJ give you his resume that gives you a picture of what he has done? Does he have references for you?
  6. Professional equipment. You don’t need to know brands and audio specs unless your into to that, but it should not be some home unit put together.
  7. Does the DJ carry a wide variety of music that spans the decades so your grandparents have songs that they can enjoy and dance too.
  8. Have you ever thought of a voice-over for your special dances. Has your DJ heard about it and does he know how to do them.There are a number ofthings that goes into any wedding and that is why you will find prices all over the spectrum and each disc jockey company offers different services for the prices they charge. Some have packages others deal ala Carte for their services.
  9.  Does the price you pay for your DJ include face-to-face meeting with you or only e-mail correspondance.
  10.  Does the DJ have enough experience to help you with the flow of your reception and have the knowledge to suggest things that will make your reception a reception to remember.
  11. Does the DJ play at the appropiate music level at the event. The level during dinner should not be the level at dance time.
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 00:00

How To Talk To A DJ in The World of Texting

Now your ready to get your Disc Jockey for your wedding reception's music and entertainment and you are ready to talk to him. Hoping did not make your DJ selection the last thing on your" to do list". Bad mistake.

First you should have some idea as to how you would like your event to go.

1.  How are the bridal party and couple going to be announced?

2.  Are you going to do any of the traditional wedding dances,Mother/Son, Father/Daughter or maybe dance with the grandparents and of course the bride and groom's first dance.

3.  What kind of budget do you have in mind allocated for music and entertainment?

4.  Do you want the Disc Jockey to be interactive or low key or somewhere in between?

5.  Will you be doing anything special that the DJ needs to know? Dance routines are the craze now.

6.  Does the DJ have a contract, questionnaire and time lines that they use?

7.  Do you need a DJ for the ceremony for microphones and music?

8.  Is the wedding ceremony at the same place as the reception?

9.  Do you have an idea about the types of music you want played and the bigger question what music do you not want played? Will the DJ take requests from your guests and honor your no play list?

10.  Will you be doing the bouquet toss, garter toss, dollar dance or some other activity or none of these?

These 10 suggestions should get you thinking and you certainly can come up with more of your own. Jot these down on paper so you are ready to  begin to talk to your Disc Jockey. Just don't start with, "How much do you charge?" Purchasing a service is not like buying a pair of Levi jeans. You can call stores and check what Levi jeans cost because 501 is the same in every store, so price becomes a factor, not so with DJs. Service and cost can be all over the place. A professional DJ custom tailor's your event to what it is that you want and can afford. Price is important but it is not the only thing to consider. One size doesn't fit all. Good luck with that pair of Levi's.

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