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Thursday, 31 March 2016 16:25

School Reunions-Open Letter to the Reunion Class

Update to this letter to the class of 62. When I first started doing school reunions, I just came to the event and maybe talked to the person who called and hired me. I soon realized after doing a number of these reunions, from those that had money to spend to those that didn't have to nickels to rub together, there was more work involved than the committee was aware there was. Reunions be it school, college or family usually fall to a few dedicated people. Pass the initial work of getting the logistics down, the biggest concern is getting in touch with everyone in the class and tracking them down. This is an on going job. I have done a number of reunions where the party was poorly planned and executed because with all the work that had to be done the committee overlooked the the events of the evening and it was chaos. When hired I want to sit in on some of the committee's meetings dealing with the party and the flow of the evening. I offer my hands-on services because of my years of experience. If you can afford to have the DJ you hire do this, I believe it will pay off in a more professional run event. The letter below went out to the class of '62 to give the reunion a more interactive feel by being able to get their request, personally to the DJ.


To The Class Of 1962

Greetings, Class of ‘62, let me introduce myself, I’m Larry Bernstein and I’ll be the disc jockey for your class reunion in October. What we want to do is make this party so much fun by playing the music that will bring back those memories of crusin’ around Bill’s Barbeque, Shoney’s and going to the Clover Room for the Frosteds or Club Sandwiches. How about after the movies at the Capital and you would go right next door to Julian’s for the best pizza in town.

How many remember the Escorts, Johnny Houston and the Charmers, Doug Clark and the Hotnuts, The Jarmels and Tommy Edwards.

I just want to take a minute to share what happened at the Class reunions of ‘65 and ‘66. Can we taulk! I DJ’ed that party and was concerned that there would not be a lot of dancing and fun times after all we’re not 17 year olds. I figured that after a full day of activities that people would be just to Pooped To Pop. I was worried that people would start to leave early, BUT boy was I wrong! Not only did the event go the full 4 hours but an additional 2 hours. Well we showed everybody we know how to party and as a generation we are not going to go gentle into that good night! We were doing the Bop, Cha Cha, Electric Slide, Shag and the Stroll. There was so much electricity in the air that we could have powered a city block. People were dancing that told me they don’t dance and others who said they don’t like to dance.

Now this brings me to you, the Class of 1962. This is the kind of event that I want for you and just between you and me; I think your class can do better than the class of 65 and ’66. Shhhhhh, don’t mentioned it to anyone you know in the class of 65, I’ll deny I said it!

We have a great party planned with great music, great lights and effects, and prizes for some contest if we can get them in. So those of you that are coming and I expect that to be 99% of the class, you’ve got time to practice your dancing and to help you get in the spirit. We want you to send in requests for your favorite songs of that era and to make it a little more personal, send me your dedications too. Make it to your wife, old boy friend, old flame or anybody you want.


Your DJ For The Evening

Larry Bernstein

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