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Wednesday, 02 September 2015 10:55


Well here are with Planning Tips Part 2 for you to read through and see which ones might fit your needs. If you have some suggestions to add to this list, drop us a line.  We 'd love to hear from you.


Pen for the guest book
Cake Knife & Server
Throw away bouquet (Not all florists will provide this automatically, you must ask.)
Bridal Bag or Apron for Dollar Dance(if your doing a dollar dance)
Helpers for afterwards. You will be surprised at how much stuff that you will have to try to pack into vehicles while still leaving a place for passengers


An Activity Bag as a favor for your child guests. (Crayons, Coloring Books, Cards, etc...)
Candy Bouquet Toss for the children before the Garter - Bouquet Toss


It is generally customary for a couple to greet their guests at the tables after dinner. The best time to start this is as soon as you have finished eating(Remember eating and drinking water is important.I've seen a number of brides feel ill at their reception because of the stress of the wedding and they just forget to eat and drink something and it catches up with them. However, do not take too long. Once again, think from your guest’s perspective. They have been sitting for a very long time and they want to dance. Most couples will go to the most important tables, get the first dance started and then mingle around to greet other guests throughout the evening.

In the Rest Room put together a basket of items that may be needed. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness. And you will be amazed at how many of these items get used.

Band aids                                                                                  Shout Wipes
Feminine Products                                                                     Tylenol
Nylons                                                                                      Aspirin
Tums                                                                                        Safety Pins
Imodium AD                                                                              Sewing Kit
Dental Floss                                                                              Mints
Comb                                                                                       Clear Nail Polish
Hand Lotion                                                                              Gum
Tissues                                                                                    Hair Spray
Nail File                                                                                   Garter & Bouquet

One of the hardest things about planning your Wedding Reception is the fact that even though it is your day, you cannot forget about the guests that you have invited to help you celebrate the special day.

With this in mind, you do not want to give your DJ a large list of requests. You want your guests to be able to make requests as well. And of course there are many songs that you may not be fond of, but many of your guests will most likely enjoy them. It is okay to give your DJ a list of your favorites and of course all of the songs for your Special Dances. You also want to try limiting the number of songs that you ask not to be played as well. Your DJ will try to get as many requests played that time allows. But do not expect your DJ to play every single request. The reality is that after dinner and your Traditional Events there will generally only be time at the most for about 55-65 other songs to be played throughout the course of dancing. In addition, the biggest surprise to most couples is that you will be so busy that you will not even be aware that a song had been played. It is common for a couple to come up and ask when a particular song will be played and then shocked to hear it was played 5 minutes before.

Not all receptions are adult only. If you are planning on having children at your reception, a few years ago a family had us make an announcement at their reception and we have had quite a few since then who have had us do the same. Kids will be kids and that is a fact. Kids like to run around and play on the dance floor, which can deter your adult guests from dancing. In addition, can get dangerous, we have seen many kids get injured during a reception. The announcement that was given to us was this, "For the safety of those here this evening, the families have requested that all children under the age of 12 be accompanied by an adult at all times. We thank you in advance for your cooperation." All of your guests will appreciate your concern over their safety.

The most important tip of all is to enjoy your day! Your Wedding Day will be here and over before you know it, so enjoy the moment but hopefully you will enjoy the trip getting there and rely on your professionals to make it a Stress Free Day for you.

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Monday, 27 June 2016 16:33

I Don't Want New Coke, Give Me Classic Coke

What makes a song “classic”? We will skip the dictionary definition and just say a classic is something that is older and has been around awhile and seems to have a style about it that keeps it alive beyond it’s years. Unfortunately music has a certain life expectancy because it follows trends. Much like a gallon of milk or a package of cheese some songs have a relative short shelf life. You’ve all heard of the “One Hit Wonders” like “Gangham Style” by Psy, “Louie, Louie” by the Kingsman.

Playing so many gigs and dealing with everyone from old to young, I deal with so many requests for songs. There are only two groups, the ones that wants to hear the familiar and those who want only to hear just the new stuff. Years ago I attended a DJ convention in Atlantic City where I met the spokesman for Pioneer. His claim to fame was that he was a DJ who had appeared on MTV’s Real World, London. His name was DJ Lars(I always give credit to those I use in articles). Lars, I believe Dj’ed in London in the trendy clubs there. We got onto the subject of songs he played and he said that he played songs only until they broke through to the Top 40 and then he stop playing them. His clientele did not bother with the Top 40. They wanted the avant-garde and the hip. I on the other hand play many of the same songs over and over again at my events. Two different styles for different audiences played by different DJ’s.

Lars will never say, “here’s an old favorite” but I will. There are songs that have stood the test of time. There’s something about the lyrics, the “hook” or the beat. This makes a song seem to go beyond it’s expiration date and is put into that category of “classic” Songs like “Hotel California”, “My Girl”, “Sweet Caroline”, “Brown Eyed Girl” and now add to that list, “Uptown Funk.” I don't want to delve too deeply or dissect the song too much, that takes away the essence and just leaves the parts. All I can say thank God that there are classics and I will continue to play them when asked.

It makes no difference to me if the song is old or new if it has a great beat and people like it. I would play Spike Jones if people danced and enjoyed the songs. I have a saying, “If you have never heard the song, then it’s new to you.” So you shouldn’t care if a DJ puts on “Johnny B.Good” by Chuck Barry or “Why Do Fools Fall In Love” by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers or even a song from the Bee Gees. If it makes you tap your feet and it makes you want to get up and dance, then that’s all that matters!

I’ve picked one song from each decade going back to the 1950’s. If you would like to check out more one hit wonders head on over to Wikipedia, they have an in depth look at the songs and artist from each decade that rose like the Phoenix only to crash and burn.

!950     Eddie Love     Teen Queens                 Good slow make-out song

1960     Tip Toe Thru the Tulips   Tiny Tim     Need I say more

1970     Makin’ It     David Naughton   Song followed his successful movie “American

             Werewolf in London”

1980     Whip It         Devo     Short lived techno song

1990     Nothing Compare To U       Sinead O’Connor         Prince gave her that song

2000     Smooth Criminal     Alien Ant Farm     Remake of Michael Jackson’s song

2010     Harlem Shake       Baauer       I sneezed and the song was gone!

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