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I was watching 20/20 the other night on selling and how companies advertise their products. I took the title from what we see on TV. The products that are sold at low prices and you get the second one for free with only a small processing fee and shipping and handling charge. We get bombarded by the biggest rip-off companies in the country, cable TV.  We are lured into a low price only to be hit with processing fees, rebroadcast fees, recovery fees ad nauseam . Our doctors and hospitals hit us with ‘reasonable and customary “fees. Have you noticed the “Sales” in store touting 70, 80 and 90 per cent off and then you read the exclusions and wonder what is really on sale. There are stores that seem to have the perpetual sale. Remember if the sale is every day, than it’s no sale, people. The other day I had a home improvement company come around our neighborhood and offer 75% off their services. How do they stay in business? Seventy-Five percent is off of WHAT? What is SUGGESTED RETAIL price mean? What company is charging that price? Now I’m not going to give a course in economics in this article but let your common sense tell you something is not right.

What does all this have to do with the price of DJs, well it does, because we are in the selling business. Selling our services, this is made up of time, talent and experience and our cost to run our business. Disc Jockeys are not a commodity like a pair of Levi jeans, where price comparison is easy from store to store. DJs sell a service, you can’t see it or touch it but you have to evaluate it. No two DJs price themselves the same way. Some try to make a living at of DJing others do it for beer money. To evaluate what makes a good DJ takes a little more than starting with the question. How much do you charge? It can’t be done by e-mail or text messaging, although it is the start of that journey. It has to be done by talking and seeing (the old fashion way).

I’m a conservative guy, I don’t go crazy spending on extravagant things and I have come to see from the many years of DJ-ing, just how special the wedding day is to so many people. It is one of a few times in one’s life that you can splurge (a little more than usual), not go crazy, mind you, or into outrageous debt without feeling guilty.

I’m going to propose a radical concept. Don’t hire your DJ last or next to last. Move them up to the second or third vendor you hire. The reason for this is being on the bottom as most wedding couples do with hiring a DJ, they are at the end of their budget so they are cutting corners and looking for the cheapest DJs. Change it up. You want to get the most responsible and experienced DJ you can afford. Remember weddings are a once in a lifetime event for you unless your Elizabeth Taylor then everything I said goes right out the window.

Check another blog I did "After The Wedding" on statistical information on  how brides feel about hiring their DJ after their wedding. Very interesting information.

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